WHEN THE GROWTH STRATEGY is solid and the current growth infrastructure is sufficient to implement that strategy, some “growth engines” simply need to be tuned-up.  This is the continuous improvement work of Sales Effectiveness, and is usually focused on specific elements within the Growth Infrastructure and Growth Execution domains of the Growth Map.

Sales Effectiveness


The Sales Effectiveness services of Entheon Partners can help.  These services often include:

  • Working with sales management to improve capabilities in coaching and sales-specific management processes such as:
    • Pipeline Measurement and Management
    • Account Planning and Opportunity Planning
    • Forecasting Accuracy
  • Refining and implementing an improved sales process to increase win-rates, shorten sales cycles, reduce discounting and increase deal size.
  • Improving targeting and boosting lead generation
  • Enhancing sales tools and collateral materials
  • Optimizing sales territories and quotas
  • Refining compensation and incentive plans to drive key objectives
  • Improving the systems or skills for the selection, recruitment, development, and performance management of sales and sales management roles

Entheon partners with Prime Resource Group, a leading consultancy in sales and marketing strategies for companies involved in complex sales.  Through our strategic partnership, we implement the Diagnostic Business Development® system to provide Entheon’s clients with the sales strategy, process and skills to compete and win complex sales in the B2B market.

“Ted is one of the best consultants I’ve ever met. He sees the big picture, but doesn’t hesitate to jump into the details. In a few short weeks he understood our business better than some senior hires did after 6 months of working here full time. Most consultants talk a lot and do a little. Ted is the exact opposite. He has become meaningfully involved in our sales and account management organizations, guiding us to take the steps that we need to take, over time, resulting in a sales improvement effort that is getting results.”