WHEN A GROWTH STRATEGY isn’t working or a sales organization isn’t performing, it can correspond with the need to find a senior sales leader who can take you to the next level.  This presents a double challenge for the organization: just when you most need a turnaround sales leader, you have no one.  Filling this critical role can easily take 6-9 months, followed by a ramp-up period for the new leader of another 90-120 days.  In the meantime, your growth strategy and sales performance remain in their suboptimal state, or another executive (typically the CEO) tries to pick up the slack, but with tremendous opportunity costs to the rest of the business.

For companies who find themselves in this difficult position, bringing on an interim sales leader from Entheon can be a powerful solution.  Our seasoned sales and marketing executives will go far beyond keeping the sales organization running.  We step in and begin transformation from Day 1 – no waiting 6-12 months to begin turning things around!

Our strategic partner Kenneth Read has turned around over 9 sales and marketing organizations in the last 8 years, many times using the services and expertise of Entheon as a key resource and catalyst.

“Ted is one of the best consultants I’ve ever met. He sees the big picture, but doesn’t hesitate to jump into the details. In a few short weeks he understood our business better than some senior hires did after 6 months of working here full time. Most consultants talk a lot and do a little. Ted is the exact opposite. He has become meaningfully involved in our sales and account management organizations, guiding us to take the steps that we need to take, over time, resulting in a sales improvement effort that is getting results.”