Our services are designed to assist middle-market businesses facing a broad array of growth challenges.

SURPRISINGLY, ONE OF THE most confounding and costly challenges is pinpointing the real constraints to growth.  What looks like a “sales problem” can actually be an offering problem.  Or a market positioning problem.  Or a value proposition problem.

When the barriers to sustainable revenue growth are unclear or multi-causal, the Growth Diagnostic brings clarity.  By looking across the entire Entheon Growth Map, we help your senior team evaluate over 25 specific growth drivers to pinpoint the ones that will drive growth for your business.

Growth Diagnostic ModelGrowth Diagnostic

The Growth Diagnostic is often scoped to include the development of a growth plan that prioritizes, sequences, and integrates actions on the critical growth drivers.  In addition, pro forma modeling can be done to project future cash flows and shareholder value based on the execution of the growth plan, taking into account estimates of the investment required to unlock that growth, providing senior teams with a solid business framework to make growth investment decisions.


“Ted is one of the best consultants I’ve ever met. He sees the big picture, but doesn’t hesitate to jump into the details. In a few short weeks he understood our business better than some senior hires did after 6 months of working here full time. Most consultants talk a lot and do a little. Ted is the exact opposite. He has become meaningfully involved in our sales and account management organizations, guiding us to take the steps that we need to take, over time, resulting in a sales improvement effort that is getting results.”