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October 8, 2020 – March 16, 2021

“All I can say is WOW! That was absolutely one of the top 5 best webinars I have ever participated on.”

Kate N.
Director of Strategy and Operations
Global $6 B healthcare IT firm

Is your revenue engine firing on all cylinders?

Your revenue engine is the organizational capability that drives consistent revenue generation. It consists of tightly integrated and mutually reinforcing strategic choices, processes, structures and tools.

When properly engineered and built, this high-performance engine can scale to grow with your business.

When built without a blueprint, your revenue engine can sputter and stall under the strain of growth and increased scope. The result is flattening revenue, despite having a strong product and plenty of potential market. In such cases, a properly overhauled revenue engine can improve revenue by 20-40% or even more.

A tune-up on revenue engines just needing maintenance can improve sales by 10-20%.

Revenue Engine
How Today’s B2B Companies Grow at Scale

The purpose of this complimentary webinar series is to help B2B senior leaders:

  • Assess the health of their current revenue engine
  • Pinpoint where improvements can and should be made
  • Plan coherent action that creates impact now while building scalability for future growth

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Scaling Revenue: When your sales organization is your growth constraint

Thursday October 8 12:00 pm CT

In this kick-off session we will look at the unique dynamics of high-growth B2B businesses that make building and scaling the revenue engine particularly challenging.

The session will then address the following key questions:

  1. Do we have all 5 elements of a high-performing revenue engine in place?
  2. Are the 5 elements designed and working together so that they scale and can keep pace with our growth expectations?

For each element of the revenue engine, we will have practical and actionable steps for you and your senior team to consider, and time for Q&A at the end.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Our sales team presents the value; the customer just doesn’t understand it!

Thursday October 22 12:00 pm CT

How much value does your offering create for customers? In their early days, innovative B2B growth companies and their founders had a crystal-clear understanding of how they created value for customers. Your founder had a deep and passionate understanding of the big problem your customers face and how your offering alleviates it. But as your business grows and evolves, the unique business value you create for your customers can grow fuzzy.

Soon, salespeople are mostly talking about how cool the product is. Your product is cool, but customers only care if they can see how your innovative product moves the needle in their business. This value drift is one of the greatest dangers to your long-term revenue growth.

In this free webinar session, we will unpack how your senior team can re-connect your offering to what customers care most about, and thereby provide your revenue team with a teachable point of view on how you create customer value. These insights are the core of your Revenue Engine, and the foundation of your sales strategy, which we will build upon in Webinar Session 3.

Thursday, December 3, 2020

What kind of sales leadership do we need at each stage of our growth?

Thursday December 3, 12:00 pm CT

Have you noticed that fast-growing companies tend to churn through sales leaders? This often leaves companies with no senior revenue leader precisely when they need them most. This is more understandable when we realize how quickly the leadership requirements are changing for a company growing quickly.

If there is good news here, it’s that high-growth companies go through predictable stages, each with unique revenue leadership requirements. By understanding the changing revenue leadership requirements and the leader profile required by each, investors and senior executives can match the right leader to their current stage of growth while building capability for the future.

This session will also help rising sales leaders chart their own course through the leadership stages. This session will include a live panel of high-performing B2B sales leaders who have navigated the path from salesperson to CRO, General Manager, or VC.  Panelists will include Channing Ferrer from HubSpot, Kevin Croxton from Ceros, Stephanie Blair from WITHIN, and Jeremy Diamond from Morningstar.

Don’t miss this interactive session!

Channing Ferrer

Channing Ferrer
VP Sales Operations & Strategy

Jerry Diamond

Jeremy Diamond
MetroEdge Technologies

Kevin Croxton

Kevin Croxton
Chief Revenue Officer

Stephanie Blair

Stephanie Blair
Head of Revenue

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Do we have a consistent sales methodology? Does it guide the customer’s decision process, or simply react to it?

Thursday January 14, 2021 12:00 pm CT

Of course, you have a sales process with several steps to it. But how well is it aligned to your customer’s decision process? Furthermore, do your customers even have a well-conceived process for how they buy offerings like yours?

If your sales methodology is based solely on salesperson activity, without providing your customers with a quality decision process, you may be seeing a high degree of lost and ghosted opportunities late in your sales process. This results in an extraordinary amount of waste, and spinning your revenue engine at higher rpm’s won’t fix it. You will just waste more resources faster.

In this session we will be joined by guests Kevin Croxton, Chief Revenue Officer of Ceros, and Stephanie Blair, Head of Revenue at WITHIN. Kevin, Stephanie and Ted will provide your team with the foundation to build an effective, predictable, and agile sales methodology, anchored in customer value creation and your sales strategy.

Kevin Croxton

Kevin Croxton
Chief Revenue Officer

Stephanie Blair

Stephanie Blair
Head of Revenue

Tuesday March 16, 2021

How should we Structure our Sales Function for Maximum Growth?

Tuesday March 16, 2021 11:00 am CT

The rise of SaaS and subscription business models has popularized the sales organizational structure pioneered by businesses such as HubSpot, Adobe, and Mathworks. This organizational model holds that inbound and outbound lead generation should be managed as distinct processes, lead generation should be conducted by roles separate from quota-carrying “closers”, and new business hunters should be differentiated from account managing farmers.

Will your business benefit from this role specialization, or is the work better done by individuals who can integrate all the sales motions?

In this session we will be joined by HubSpot’s VP of Sales Operations and Strategy, Channing Ferrer, as we unpack the organizational structure of high growth revenue engines and provide practical guidelines to help you optimize the structure of your customer-facing team.

Channing Ferrer is a proven and highly successful leader with extensive experience developing international teams and implementing systems across SaaS global technology companies. He currently leads Sales Strategy and Operations for HubSpot. His responsibilities include designing the sales and GTM strategy, building the sales operating plan, managing the sales overlay teams, BDR team, Inbound Consultants team and Solution Engineering team. Prior to joining Hubspot he was leading up Corporate Sales and Global Sales Operations at Acquia – another Boston-based technology company. While at Acquia he managed the global BDR team, the Mid Market team and most recently ran Sales Operations. Prior to joining Acquia he was the EVP of global sales and channel partnerships for C2FO, a financial services oriented technology startup.

Prior to C2FO he served in several global sales leadership roles at S&P Capital IQ, the leading provider of software, data and analytics for the financial community. Channing had been with Capital IQ for nearly 12 years and played an integral role in the strategic development and international growth of the Capital IQ business from zero to nearly $500m in revenue.

Prior to Capital IQ, Channing was a consultant at Navigant Consulting.

Channing Ferrer

Channing Ferrer
VP Sales Operations & Strategy

Meet Ted Humphrey, the Founder and Managing Partner of Entheon Partners.

For the past 20+ years, Ted has been bringing sustainable business growth to middle-market firms, venture-backed start-ups, and Fortune 500 companies through the application of customer and market strategy, sales effectiveness, sales force design, organizational change, and sales operations.

ted humphrey of entheon partnersTed’s clients include large corporations and global brands such as S&P Global, Abbott, Baxter, Caterpillar, Deere, 3M, Novartis, Kimberly Clark, U.S. Cellular, S.C. Johnson, Underwriters Labs, Navistar, Solutia, and Citigroup.

He has also worked with many technology start-ups and middle-market companies, including Acquia, ZocDoc, ScrollMotion (Ingage), ChemStaff, Fugro, Hydac, CallSource, ClockSpring, INRIX, Compressor Controls, Mainstreet, RelSci, Ceros, C2FO, WITHIN, and many others.

The key to his proven ability to drive profitable growth is his commitment to focusing on the intersection where strategy, structure, process and people connect. The genesis of Entheon was his observation that the answers to the big challenges of business growth and organizational greatness cannot be found in any one discipline or domain.

Ted founded Entheon to help clients formulate and execute solutions in which a broad range of organizational pieces come together, resulting in growth, business impact, and transformation.

Ted is a Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor (CM&AA) and holds a U.S. Patent. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a Master of Arts from Trinity International University.

“I have led multiple global sales organizations, and I have been working on commercial transformations for the last 15 years. What you shared is the clearest and most helpful explanation of all the pieces working together that I’ve ever seen.”

Rick W.
Managing Director
Global manufacturing firm


Who is the webinar series intended for?

  • The webinar series will be helpful to any business leader with responsibilities to drive revenue and growth, including: owners, investors, founders, CEOs, Chief Revenue Officers, and leaders in sales, marketing, product and strategy.

What industries is this webinar focused on? Is it predominantly for software and tech companies?

  • The revenue engine concept and frameworks will be helpful to any B2B company with a direct salesforce. That said, the dynamics created by a complex offering and/or high growth expectations put extraordinary pressure on a company’s revenue engine, and this webinar is designed to address those heightened challenges.

Can I attend some webinars and not others?

  • Yes. Although Session 1 sets the context for the other four, each of the webinars can stand alone. In fact, each webinar has its own registration for greater security and to offer greater flexibility. Register for just one, or all five.

Can I invite others?

  • Absolutely. The easiest way to have others join you is to share this webpage with them. That way they can see the overview of the series and decide which sessions they would like to attend. Once they land on this page, they can use the “Register Now” buttons above to create their own unique registrations that will provide them with the links to attend, calendar invites, and reminder emails.

I missed a session that I would like to watch. How do I access it?

  • If you registered for that session before it was held, you should have received an email with a link to the recording. If you didn’t register for the live session, you need to register by clicking the “Register Now” button above. You will be taken to a registration page and then provided a link to the recording.

What will be the format of the webinars?

  • Each webinar will be 60 minutes. Due to the number of people attending, we will need to mute the lines and have questions submitted in writing. We will have a co-host monitor the Q&A feed, so that we can address relevant questions real time as they come up. We will also allocate the last 5-10 minutes to address any submitted questions that we were unable to address when they were posted.

Come join us live for each event and take the value you gain back to your team!