Not the Right Sales ForceTHE SALES FORCE THAT got you here may not get you there, especially if your offering, company strategy, or marketplace has undergone significant change over the last 5-7 years.  We find that the following “shifts” in sales strategy and approach are particularly difficult for organizations to navigate successfully without at least some redesigning of the sales force structure, key roles, or talent requirements:

A Technical ProductA Business Solution
Specific Products sold to Specific People or DepartmentsIntegrated Solutions that must be accepted by multiple departments or functions.
Sales Force organized by ProductSales Force organized by Customer Type, Geography, or Use Case
Product DifferentiationBusiness Value of the Total Solution

You may not have the right sales force.

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“Shifting our sales organization to sell on value – and capture more value for ourselves — was a big change for us. It wasn’t fast, easy or cheap. But it was worth it. My advice to those considering Ted’s services is to make the long-term commitment to implement these approaches, and stay the course. You can’t be half pregnant. And you can’t half transform. Ted and his team at Entheon will help you get to the results you are looking for. I highly recommend them.”

HEAD OF SALES$250 Million Software Company