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Structure Sales Function for Maximum Growth

4 Practices Every B2B Company Can Learn from the SaaS Sales Model Over the last five years, CRM and marketing automation firm HubSpot has been growing revenue at a compound average growth rate of 37%.  For sure, companies like HubSpot that are growing exponentially have amazing products and winning business models.  But they also have…

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3 Biggest Sales Leadership Mistakes CEO’s Make

Revenue or Margins are Slipping

Many founders and CEO’s of high growth businesses ask me, “Do we have the right sales leader for this stage of our business?”  It is an important question, since getting it wrong stunts growth and usually results in a costly executive replacement.  Recently, we convened a panel of four high performing business leaders — from…

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Becoming a CRO in 4 not-so-easy Steps

sales leadership we need at each stage of growth

Over the years, I’ve worked with thousands of salespeople and sales managers, some of whom aspire to be a SVP of Sales and Marketing or Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at some point in their career.  I’ve also had the privilege to work with and coach high-performing heads of sales and CROs. I have observed that…

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3 Signs Your Customers Don’t Get It

Signs Your Customers Don’t Get It

Value Drift could be killing your sales. Here are the warning signs. Whether you are responsible for your company’s overall growth strategy, or are a salesperson with a quota, it’s crazy-making when customers don’t “get” the value of your amazing offering. If you are confident that your B2B product or service creates significant business value…

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Scaling the “front office” of your growth business is your greatest challenge. Here’s why.

Congratulations.  You and your team have created a powerful solution using sophisticated technology or a clever platform that solves an important business problem.  Even better, you designed your business model around a product that can scale.  Unlike a professional service business or a capital-intensive manufacturing business, you’re able to provide your product to vastly more…

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“Growth” is Not a Strategy

Growth is Not a Strategy

“Our strategy is to achieve double-digit revenue growth year-over-year.” Whenever I see something like that on a corporate strategy or mission statement, I want to say, “For your sake, I hope not!  What you have there is a desired outcome.  Growth is not a strategy.” Don’t get me wrong; growth is important – very important. …

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